Getting Started!

Hello all!

After a while I finally managed to set up this blog – something I always dreamed but never had the time or the feel I could say anything useful.

Well, it’s changed (I hope). In this space I plan to post as many useful tutorials and tips as I can be able to in an effort to give back to the community all help I’ve been getting the last years.

Of course before you trust anything I can say, allow me to present myself.

My name is Rafael Quintanilha and I am a Brazilian web developer enrolled in Computer Engineering at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with a one-year-amazing-experience studying Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne. I’ve been working with web development since 2012, mainly with technologies such as HTML5, PHP, CakePHP, MySQL and JavaScript – until my discover of Meteor and how awesome and easy is to build apps with it. So now I am almost fully-focused on building mobile apps and company solutions with this platform.

In this blog you will find – mainly – the results of my playing with Meteor that may be useful to others. Don’t hesitate in contact me (find me in any of the social networks at the bottom of this page) or leave a comment if you have a question, comment or feedback.

Time to get our hands dirty! 🙂

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