Real-Time Charts with Meteor, React and D3

Meteor has recently announced official support for React as its rendering engine (together with Blaze). This is great news, once React is becoming more and more popular and brings improvements in many aspects of your code (reusability, unit-testing, no spaghetti code…).

Since the React fever, many tutorials explain how to integrate it with the most popular libraries outside. The perspective of a reactive chart using React components and D3.js is pretty exciting and in fact there are many guides out there exploring this subject. This one correlates D3 and React lifecycles and this other explores svg components.

The … Keep reading

Export your JSON data to CSV format

JSON format is very convenient when dealing with web applications. When you are in more traditional grounds, though, it might not be the most recommended. In this tutorial I’ll show how you can easily convert data pulled out from your MongoDB into a CSV file in Meteor.

When I came across this challenge, I took several approaches. MeteorChef has a pretty complete tutorial explaining how you can export your data into different formats. @netanelgilad wrote a wrapper to export your data directly to xls/xlsx formats. But in the end of the day I was looking for something more straight … Keep reading

Offline app with Meteor and Cordova

Whilst Meteor is such a terrific platform, it is relatively new (hit the 1.0 version only in the end of October 2014) and some resources/techniques are still to be explored. The official Cordova support is not even one-year old and this of course leads to lack of documentation.

I sensed that one of the biggest requests by the folks who are using Meteor + Cordova in their mobile projects was the ability to run their apps offline. In my first attempts I’ve set up a GitHub repository that worked offline and exposed the difference between normal and grounded Keep reading