How to Efficiently Go From Idea to Prototype in React

April 04, 201913 min read

A guide for fast interface designs.

The Drunken Sailor and Conservatism

March 27, 20198 min read

How an intriguing math problem can help us understand what means to be conservative.

Só Jair Se Salva

February 19, 20192 min read

No triângulo Bebianno-Carlos-Jair, apenas o presidente sai fortalecido.

Building an Online IRR Calculator with React

January 23, 201911 min read

We are done with the theory, now let's get our hands in the dirty.

Making Better Investments with Math and JavaScript

January 18, 201912 min read

NPV and IRR with bits of math and chunks of computer science.

Quando os Fatos Não Se Encaixam na Agenda

November 02, 20184 min read

Ou "porquê virtue-signalling eventualmente revelará sua hipocrisia".

Introducing React Line Chart

October 25, 20168 min read

Easily visualize your data with a customisable line chart.

Sortable Targets with React DnD

March 13, 201610 min read

Let's add some order. Sort of.

Real-Time Charts with Meteor, React and D3

August 13, 201514 min read

Because we already have PNG for static graphs.

Export your JSON data to CSV format

June 18, 20157 min read

JSON is too nerdy. Real people want Excel.