Converting Jupyter Notebooks Into Blog Posts with Gatsby

October 05, 20208 min read

Learn how to bring your Data Science projects to life in easy steps.

Writing Tests as User Stories in React

April 02, 20209 min read

How to leverage React Testing Library to write tests that make sense.

The 5 Best Libs for Accessible React Applications

October 08, 20196 min read

Accessibility is in high demand and these libraries will save you time.

Create a Serverless React Application

July 31, 201918 min read

Let us understand what serverless really means, what's good about it and how you can take advantage of this architecture when building React apps.

React Testing Library Common Scenarios

July 16, 201920 min read

How to write tests that are common to many applications using React Testing Library.

How to Become a Bad Developer

July 03, 20196 min read

Discover the most efficient way to not succeed as a developer.

How to Reuse Logic with React Hooks

June 25, 201924 min read

Learn why Hooks are a game-changer and write your first hook.

The Complete Guide to React Refs

June 17, 201911 min read

Everything you need to know about Refs in React.

Adding a Blog Into an Existing Site

June 06, 201915 min read

A guide for CMS integration with ButterCMS.

Iniciando na Web - Apresentação

May 16, 20196 min read

Apresentação da série sobre desenvolvimento web: motivação, objetivos e restaurantes mexicanos.

Counting Presidential Tweets

May 07, 201912 min read

Which device the president uses to tweet?

How to Efficiently Go From Idea to Prototype in React

April 04, 201913 min read

A guide for fast interface designs.

Building an Online IRR Calculator with React

January 23, 201911 min read

We are done with the theory, now let's get our hands in the dirty.

Making Better Investments with Math and JavaScript

January 18, 201912 min read

NPV and IRR with bits of math and chunks of computer science.

Introducing React Line Chart

October 25, 20168 min read

Easily visualize your data with a customisable line chart.

Sortable Targets with React DnD

March 13, 201610 min read

Let's add some order. Sort of.

Real-Time Charts with Meteor, React and D3

August 13, 201514 min read

Because we already have PNG for static graphs.

Export your JSON data to CSV format

June 18, 20157 min read

JSON is too nerdy. Real people want Excel.

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