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Disponível em Português.

This blog is a dedicated space to the world of technology and web development. Here, I write about technologies that I'm using, apps that I'm developing, bugs that I have (or not) solved, and tricks that are worth sharing.

As I create apps for the web since 2012, expect to find a lot about JavaScript, React, Gatsby, UI, UX, accessibility, HTML, CSS and web development in general. I also talk about serverless, NodeJS, puppeteer, web automation, tests and databases. If it goes to the web or is written in JavaScript, it can be here!

In 2015 I co-founded Elevential, a consulting IT company. Because of my experience since then, besides the technical content, expect articles about business in general, entrepreneurship and teams and projects management.

You will also find posts in English and Portuguese. Due to the bigger reach, posts which are more complete or "advanced" (in the sense of assuming previous knowledge from the reader) will be mostly in English. In Portuguese I will write basic content yet help spread out knowledge about web development for those who don't have a full domain of English.

Discussions will go in my Twitter. Furthermore, I'll regularly post tips and previews of articles under development. Post suggestions? Questions about a specific article? Alternative solutions? Mistakes in the code? Just ping me on @webquintanilha.

All code shared in the articles are in GitHub, including the source of this blog (written in Gatsby and hosted on Netlify).

Now you know what you are doing here, go read something more useful.


In the rare occasion you are wondering what my setup is, here it goes:

  • OS: Ubuntu (can't even navigate my way in Windows anymore).
  • Main Computer: Dell G7 Series 7588. Very fast, but heavy as hell.
  • Auxiliary Computer: Samsumg Chromebook 3. Very slow, but light as a feather.
  • Text Editor: VSCode.
  • Communication: Slack / Zoom.
  • Prototyping: Invision / Figma.
  • Website: Written in Gatsby, hosted in Netlify.


I am also the creator and editor of QuantBrasil, a platform for quantitative analysis research. Drop by if you are interested on Python, pandas and DataScience in general.

Rafael Quintanilha

Rafael Quintanilha is a Brazilian software engineer who enjoys writing about technology, web development, front-end, React, data science, and whatever comes to his mind.
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